The Three Biggest Obstacles That Genesys Cloud CX Users Experience

Written by:

Jamie Coutts



As a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader, Genesys Cloud CX has proven to offer a tremendous amount of value for contact centers. However, sometimes users may find that they are not getting the value they expected. This is because of obstacles that are caused by a lack of attention or expertise from Genesys, or their professional services provider or internal team.

If you feel you’re not getting the most value from Genesys Cloud CX but are not sure why, this information on the three biggest obstacles may help:


1. Limited use of features or functionality


Genesys has hundreds of features which can be combined in a myriad of ways to deliver functionality for agents and customers. Unfortunately, developers who don’t have sufficient experience may not know about all the features, understand how they work together, or how to effectively utilize them in real life operational contact center situations. This in turn can limit the benefits of your applications. Here are several examples to illustrate the point:

  • Quality Management – Genesys QM goes way past simple form creation. The majority of the administration components of a holistic quality management approach can be automated, and through this automation, your auditors can focus specifically on those interactions that matter to drive quality forward.
  • WEM/WFM – Genesys WFM configuration is more than just scheduling and forecasting. To effectively drive efficiencies and employee experience, there are several tools that allow an organization to move from WFM basics to advanced WFM approaches.
  • Agent Automation – Agentless Automated Greeting (AAG) allows for the automation of the repetitive task of greeting a customer by having this greeting pre-recorded, in the agent’s own voice. This in turn provides the agent with 10 – 15 seconds per interaction so they can review the agent script, CRM and/or CIS records for that customer, or any information collected via an IVR application, to know why the customer is calling prior to the conversation ever happening.
  • Agent Assist – This application empowers agents to automatically be presented with information, in real-time, based on the live interaction with the customer. With the increase in information that an agent needs to search through, automating the presentation of information to the agent, versus having the agent manually search for it, improves overall customer experiences and can eliminate the need to put customers on hold.


2. Underutilization of the subscribed Genesys Tier features


Too often, customers find they are paying for a Genesys subscription level but not using some of the most powerful features, which means their return on investment is diminished. For example:

  • Genesys Cloud 2: Have you implemented Chatbots, Predictive Engagement or Knowledge Management?
  • Genesys Cloud 3: Are you utilizing Workforce Management (e.g., forecasting, scheduling and real-time adherence), Employee Dashboards or Sentiment Analysis?


3. Application instability and errors


When Genesys is implemented incorrectly there are many things that go wrong, which in turn can have a serious impact on your customers and your team’s productivity and costs. Some examples include:

  • Key components of your application (e.g. agent desktop) are not working at close to 100% availability.
  • Intermittent issues keep cropping up that your team can’t solve.
  • Some of your applications are exhibiting odd behaviour (e.g. parts of your reporting data are not making sense).

The good news is there are solutions. The first step to getting more value from your Genesys Cloud CX solution is to identify if your organization is facing any of these obstacles.



About the Author

Jamie Coutts has been working in management, sales and solution consulting roles with contact center technology vendors for over 30 years. He is currently Vice President, Client Development, of Star Telecom, a leading cloud contact center and telecom services provider.



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