The Role of AI Within Genesys Cloud CX & the Benefits

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At Star Telecom, we are always striving to understand and implement contact center technologies that will benefit our clients in a wide range of industries. With AI and where this new technology paradigm will take our industry is still in the early stages, think 90’s Motorola cellphones, the iPhone equivalent to Contact Center AI will be coming soon.
62% of CS specialists also agree that AI/automation tools help them understand their customers better.1
79% of customer service professionals say AI/automation tools are important to their overall strategy.2
Genesys has taken a very thoughtful approach to how AI technology is introduced to the Contact Center with Genesys Cloud CX.
“Genesys uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver empathetic experiences for customers and employees at scale. As a business that powers more than 70 billion customer interactions each year, we’re committed to applying AI to our solutions to create value with empathy, fairness, and transparency.”3
Genesys Cloud CX AI is embedded in the platform and ready to use once your business is ready for it. The four areas where AI is embedded are:

Knowledge and Bot Flows

The knowledge workbench V2 should be seen as the main database of TRUTH that both your Genesys Cloud CX BOTs and Agent Assist will draw upon when they are engaged with your customers and agents.
The knowledge workbench allows you to create various knowledge bases and within those knowledge bases curate articles with specific information such as product information, internal processes, and customer-facing FAQs. You also attach phrases that will trigger those articles.
These articles can contain pictures, videos, links and formatted just like you do with emails. Finally, a robust OPTIMIZER tool is used to help you maintain and monitor the performance of your articles and help you determine if new phrases are needed to surface the correct article to the agent or during a Customer and BOT interaction.
The Genesys CX BOT flow uses the existing Architect visual creation tool sets, allowing the creation of chatbots and voicebots. The BOT flows also included INTENT miners and health reports to improve the ANSWER/PAIR responses over time.
Uses: 24/7 Self-Serve & Personalized Support, customer-facing web chatbot.
Benefits: Improved efficiency: increased availability and quality of the interaction.

Predictive Routing

Predictive Routing reduces the need for your Contact Center administrators to maintain complex, manual routing rules and uses AI to optimize key performance indications (KPIs) by matching the incoming interaction to the best agent available agent. Predictive routing can be used for VOICE, EMAIL, and MESSAGE (SMS, web chat and social platforms including WhatsApp) interactions.
Uses: Optimized Customer + Agent Matching
Benefits: AI-driven pattern discovery & outcome prediction to determine the best match. The AI models can adapt to changing requirements.

Predictive Engagement

Predictive Engagement can be deployed on your website or mobile app (coming soon) to analyze a user’s behavior and predicts what the likely outcome the visitor is trying to achieve. Predictive Engagement can then personalize the engagement type to achieve that outcome. Example outcomes could be abandon carts, or cannot find what they need on your website. Predictive Engagement will use AI to trigger onscreen the appropriate engagement type, this can be a webchat with a BOT, or screen pop-up with a call to action.
Uses: Customer Engagement and Upselling
Benefits: Predict what your customers need and proactively engage them. Identify upsell opportunities.

Agent Assist

Agent Assist in its current state (2023) can monitor an active interaction (voice, webchat, email) and present to the agent knowledge articles based on “phases” that are matched. Agent Assist will also summarize a conversation and allow the agent to review it and attach it to the call notes. This use of AI within the Contact Center is incredibly thoughtful and will ease the pressures an agent experiences throughout their day.
Uses: Standardize responses agent use, deliver Knowledge automatically to agents.
Benefits: Accelerate the agent’s learning curve and automate back-end tasks.


Genesys’s AI suite of tools is purpose built to be an all in one solution for companies to start their AI customer journey. Everything needed to research, build, iterate and engage is available on the platform.
Star Telecom’s AI practice is constantly evolving and with GC CX’s Bring your own Technology. We can partner with 3rd platform to fill any AI requirements your business could have.

About the Author
Edgard Cuadra is a Senior Solutions Consultant at Star Telecom. Edgard has worked in various technologies throughout his career including support, administration and training. He has placed an emphasis on learning how to understand Contact Center technologies and implementing them with high satisfaction.

1The State of AI in Customer Service [New Data], HubSpot, May 23, 2023.
2The State of AI in Customer Service [New Data], HubSpot, May 23, 2023.
3 Genesys Cloud Resource Center,


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