Star Telecom and Partner to Revolutionize Contact Centers With Conversational AI

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Toronto, Canada – 4/9/2024 – Star Telecom, a leading provider in North America specializing in cloud contact center and telecommunications solutions, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with This alliance is poised to revolutionize customer service by leveraging the strengths of both entities to offer unparalleled service and innovation for Star’s customer base. brings to the table the world’s first fully integrated AI – Platform as a service, designed to redefine the customer service experience so that it is a strategic asset to the business. The solution leverages advanced conversational AI technology to enable natural language understanding across voice and chat interactions, ensuring customers enjoy seamless, efficient, and personalized service.

A key differentiator is Star Telecom. Telecom is overlooked with conversational AI, but the quality of your telephony directly impacts businesses and new AI deployments. With Star Telecom +, we can improve quality, reduce costs, and improve speech recognition accuracy from generic telephony brands.

Star Telecom also further enhances this offering by bringing over 20 years of experience in delivering contact center and telecom service solutions across 17 industries, boasting a 100% customer satisfaction score and over 135 successful contact center transformations. As a trusted reseller, Star Telecom not only deploys’s cutting-edge technology but also ensures its seamless integration and management, tailored to the unique needs and workflows of each contact center.

This partnership signifies a significant advancement for Star Telecom, underscoring its commitment to fostering a comprehensive ecosystem for its clientele. By integrating’s solutions, Star Telecom is enhancing its ability to foster conversational AI innovations. This move is especially beneficial for clients seeking a robust suite of AI tools, augmented by our commitment to responsible AI practices and the integration of state-of-the-art generative AI technologies. The inclusion of Kore.AI as an adjunct to the formidable Genesys Cloud platform is designed to elevate customer and employee experiences alike.

“Developing use cases and realistic utterances are a common complexity when deploying Conversational AI, Kore has solved that with easy-to-use, integrated generative AI.” said Brad Czumaczenko, Director of Client Development and Partnerships at Star Telecom.

The Key Features and Benefits of are:

Natural Language IVR and Chat: Transform customer interactions with IVR systems that understand and respond in natural speech.
Intelligent Automation: Utilize AI to automate responses, deflect to chat, or escalate to live agents, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.
AI-First Virtual Assistant: Instantaneously answer questions and fulfill requests, eliminating wait times for customers.
Empowered Agents and Supervisors: Equip agents with real-time AI assistance and supervisors with insights into agent activity and customer interactions for optimized performance.
Flexible Deployment Options: Protect existing investments with complementary components or fully transform your contact center with’s AI-native solution.

Star Telecom has been at the forefront of designing, deploying, and managing cloud contact center and telecom solutions since 2002. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Star Telecom is dedicated to transforming contact centers into strategic assets for businesses.

For more information about this partnership, get in touch at or through Star Telecom’s website.

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