How to Deliver Continuous Value From Your Genesys Cloud CX Solution

Written by:

Jamie Coutts



As a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Genesys Cloud CX offers a tremendous amount of potential to improve contact center performance, from better customer and agent experiences, to increased productivity and reduced costs. But with a myriad of features and complexity, it requires the right level of expertise available in the right way to deliver continuous value. Without that expertise, IT and business operations teams can feel frustrated that the results they are achieving from the platform are lower than their expectations. 

A lack of results may be reflected in a number of operational deficiencies of the Genesys Cloud CX software. For example, limited use of features or functionality, or underutilization of the subscribed Genesys Tier features. It might also mean application instability or errors with the applications.   

What is the right level of expertise? It’s people who not only have the highest level of certification and training on the platform, but equally if not more important, a broad and deep level of experience with using the platform in a large number of real life situations. Of course experience within the same industry is valuable. However, of similar value is having experience with the same types of applications in other industries, because that can foster fresh ideas for innovation. 

What is the right way to deliver the expertise? If a professional services firm is providing the expertise, it should be done through effective services engagements. Here are some questions you may want to consider to evaluate the effectiveness of a services provider:

  1. Can their team provide a health check to ensure you are utilizing Genesys Cloud CX features the right way?
  2. Do they offer regular feature reviews of the latest Genesys functionality and feature set adoption strategies?
  3. Will their experts help your team to explore, plan and manage your system and application growth by offering custom demos, joint application development sessions and roadmapping exercises?
  4. Does the company promote appropriate knowledge sharing of the platform’s capabilities with your IT and business teams to empower them and build a strong partnership?
  5. Do they provide rapid access to top experts (i.e. within minutes not hours) through a 24×7 support service?

By taking advantage of the right level of Genesys Cloud CX expertise in the right way, customers can deliver continuous value with their Genesys solution and meet, or even exceed, their expectations.




About the Author

Jamie Coutts has been working in management, sales and solution consulting roles with contact center technology vendors for over 30 years. He is currently Vice President, Client Development, of Star Telecom, a leading cloud contact center and telecom services provider.



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