Become a CX Rock Star: A Proactive Partner Focused on Best Practices and Industry Trends

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When companies are looking to introduce a contact center solution, their focus is usually on the technology side of the equation (feature set, cloud vs. premise, architecture, security and future research and development). What’s often missed is how people interact with the technology, both internally (agents) and externally (customers). What’s also missed is the continued personalized sharing of best practices and industry trends that really help an organization reach new CX heights. From our experience, these are extremely crucial areas that demand attention to make the new solution(s) fully utilized and effective in delivering the best possible customer experiences.

As a metaphor, think of this as buying a new guitar that’s commonly used by professionals. One may become great at playing with the help of video tutorials, and their songs will sound great, but another would reach further heights of mastery and produce better-sounding songs with personalized help from an experienced instructor. The instructor provides best practices, techniques that increase efficiencies, tailored training, and more. Of course, there are those who are naturally gifted, but this is the case in most scenarios.

This is what we do at Star Telecom, and this is why it is so crucial to have an experienced partner with support and continued growth as a core focus. Not only do we provide the solution, but we also provide a treasure chest packed with best practices and industry trends that really allow your organization to utilize the entire solution and outshine your competitors. These best practices come from years of experience and are hard to come by from simply searching online. Just as a good instructor tailors their lessons to their unique clients, we tailor toward the client’s industry and unique business needs.

From our recent 2023 Customer Satisfaction survey which concluded with a 100% CSAT score and +90% NPS, the following has become increasingly clear from our customers:

  • Equal focus on external (customer) as well as internal (call center operations) solutions through CCaaS…how can we make our agents’ lives better.
  • The key to success from CCaaS from an integration partner is Support, Support, Support. As technology in the cloud environment moves very quickly, companies are looking for a partner to help not only stand-up new cloud CCaaS solutions but, more importantly, to identify future solutions that either improve customer experience or employee experience, or both.
  • A CCaaS partner that thinks like a contact center operations manager, and layers technology on top to solve CX challenges; not a CCaaS technology partner that does not understand the operations environment.
  • A CCaaS partner that is not focused on just fielding challenges and then offering solutions, but proactively identifies challenges and offers solutions

If you want to learn more about some case studies in which we have proactively brought forward tailored best practices, industry trends and solutions, “check out this article”.



Client Experience Focus: Where Technology Meets People, Author: Jeff Hebel, 05/01/2023


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