Star Telecom Salesforce Connector

Star Telecom Salesforce Connector

The Salesforce Connector by Star Telecom provides a superior omnichannel agent desktop experience that tightly integrates Genesys Cloud CX with Salesforce and helps drive lower AHT and higher agent productivity.

The software provides a user-friendly agent interface that includes all required softphone functionality, plus the ability to invoke Salesforce workflows and background tasks. It can also automatically store a wide range of interaction data within Salesforce for in-depth agent and management insight.

Multiple CRMs?
No Problem.

For clients with multiple CRM systems, Star Telecom’s Salesforce Connector is based upon a unique “Multi-Connector” design, which enables Star Telecom’s team to integrate other CRM systems (separate cost) and deliver even more benefits. It also avoids the need for clients to purchase and support softphone products from multiple vendors that have different end user designs.

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Technical Highlights Include:

Supports Genesys Cloud CX Inbound Voice, Outbound Campaigns and Chat, Web Messaging, Email and SMS interactions

Design based on the Genesys Embeddable Framework plus Star Telecom’s Multi-Connector Wrapper

Supports wide variety of softphone functionality such as auto or manual answer, pause, hangup, mute, outdial and agent-to-agent screen transfer

Supports Genesys Cloud CX wrap-up code configurations

Ability to invoke Salesforce Apex class as Extension Points (e.g., click-to-dial, screen pop, connected, disconnected or wrap-up events)

Ability to invoke Salesforce Actions through customized screen workflows on multiple interaction events, and to execute custom actions from within flows (e.g., screen pop records or URLs in Salesforce primary or sub-tabs, add data attributes to current interaction, etc.)

Extensive Interaction Data available for automatic storage within Salesforce

Powerful administration facility for tailoring each agent group’s experiences

Compatible with Salesforce Lightning Experience, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

Setup within hours

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