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I’ve used Genesys, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon…Star has provided the very best services, period.

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"Turnkey porting – just couldn’t have been any easier and I’ve done dozens of ports in my day. Moving from Genesys Cloud Voice to Star Telecom’s network gave us confidence in our telecom carrier. Carriers are super impacting, but the move from Genesys to Star’s network, we haven't seen any outages. The solution and team are there when we need them, response times are in minutes, not hours. I’ve used Genesys, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, the whole crew and Star has provided the very best services, period."

- Dan DeSive, Director, Information Technology / Telecommunications

If you believe in Reliable & Quality interactions, keep scrolling down.

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    Crystal Clear Voice

    No more "what was that?"..."could you repeat that?"

    Just seamless conversations

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    100% Uptime

    Carrier outages rarely occur as you know. That's why we have 5 quality carriers on stand-by to re-route to.

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    Our Clients Make Us Blush

    Every one of our clients is a reference. They have amazing things to say about us and we're proud to have a 100% CSAT score.

So what if I have poor quality telco. Not a big deal.

Well... we beg to differ.
What do we mean when we say SIP Happens? It refers to the common scenario when organizations think they are getting quality telecom, but then experience outages, jitter, and agents or customers asking “can you repeat that?” because of the bad voice quality.
Here are some of the reasons why poor quality telco is a big deal:
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    Poor audio quality raises the average handle time by 27%.

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    An agent who handles 100 calls per day would have an added cost of $2 per day or $40 per agent per month.

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    57% of consumers have switched to another provider after just one bad customer experience.

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    Your customers won't enjoy repeating themselves. They will probably hang up then call back, which costs you more.

This is how SIP Happens with Star Telecom

  • Delivering mission critical telco

    Star Telecom has been providing high quality SIP trunking services to meet the mission critical needs of North American contact centers, since 2008. That’s why we’re the provider of choice for contact center outsourcers, electric utilities and other organizations.

  • Full network monitoring

    Our service includes 100% SIP logging for 90+ days, QoS tagging for each call (MoS, Latency, Jitter, Packet Loss), the ability to record calls at network level and monitoring and alerting of network KPIs (Latency, Jitter, Packet Loss). We also provide proactive notifications on call failures and fraud alerts.

  • Works with a variety of Cloud Contact Center and On-Prem Solutions

    Our SIP Trunking services will work with your on-prem or cloud contact center solution such as Genesys Cloud CX, Five 9, MS Teams, and more.

  • Meet your unique needs with our full array of offerings

    We offer a full array of highly flexible, scalable SIP trunking solutions to meet almost any need for US, Canada or International services for Toll Free, Local Inbound or Outbound calls. Star Telecom is also a Toll Free RespOrg.

  • Meet your governance and compliance requirements

    Star Telcom is a STIR-SHAKEN provider registered with the Secure Token Governance Authority. Our service also includes Streamlined VoIP911 Compliance (Kari’s Law/Ray Baum’s Act).

  • You're not just another number

    Caring for our clients is at the heart of everything we do, which is reflected in 100% CSAT score and +90 NPS score. Our support team provides a 10-minute response time, 24x7, with Tier 1 access to SIP engineers and direct support from top telecom experts (SIP, CNAM, Toll Free, STIR/SHAKEN, SMS). Core to our service is collaboration and transparent troubleshooting with each client and 3rd party vendors which is “above and beyond” typical carrier support.  

See the bigger picture.

Our SIP Dashboard allows you to monitor your telco performance in real-time, and gain a deeper view into your contact center operations.

Gain a holistic view for IT support staff to identify which users could be having connection issues

Easily monitor your QoS

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What you get:

  • National and International Long Distance

  • US, Canada International Inbound Toll Free Numbers

  • US, Canada International Inbound Local (DID) numbers

  • Caller ID Name and Number

  • Web-based management and reporting portal

  • Real-time failover to up to 3 backup destinations (including PSTN)

  • Smart Routing (Percentage based, Time of Day, Overflow)

  • Reporting

It's as easy as 123. Get in touch, reap the benefits.

The last thing we want to do is complicate things.

Get in touch, we'll get you a quote, work out a straight forward contract, and you're off to the races with quality telecom, reduced costs and less frustrated customers.

Remember, superior CX doesn't end at just a CCaaS solution. It needs to be paired with quality voice.

I Want Quality Telco

100% CSAT, +90 NPS.

"Excellent service over the years, a solid relationship, being open and honest about challenges, mistakes, or opportunities and great value for service."

- Utility Company: 300 Agents

"Product support is everything, your team is amazing at support!"

- Real Estate Marketing Company

"Star Telecom works well with our team, met aggressive timelines and found innovative ways to deliver our solution to match business expectations. They have established themselves as one of our most successful and valued partnerships."

- Banking Company - 85 Agents

"Star Telecom has been a great partner, very responsive to our needs."

- Healthcare Company

"The quality of support offered by Star Telecom is top notch. Star Telecom is a fantastic partner and bringing solutions to our company."

- Retail Company: 500 Agents

"Star Telecom has always been there to support us and has lived up to their word in getting us the functionality that we have asked for."

- Utility Company

"I find the company extremely responsive and transparent - they make it very easy to work with them."

- Utility Company

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