Star Telecom BYOC SIP Connector

Star Telecom BYOC SIP Connector

Star Telecom offers a BYOC SIP Connector that provides a SIP connection between Star Telecom's high quality SIP Telecom Services Network and Genesys Cloud CX.

If your contact center is experiencing voice traffic issues such as dropped calls, jitter, latency or outages,
the impact to customer experience and agent productivity can be substantial. Star Telecom’s SIP Telecom Services Network Design is purpose-built for the mission critical needs of contact centers. It ensures end-to-end quality of service from the customer (PSTN) to the agent and provides maximum resiliency through features such as multi-carrier redundancy and dedicated SIP connections into Genesys Cloud CX. Plus our Service Delivery far exceeds traditional carrier offerings.

What the Architecture Looks Like

Genesys Cloud CX contact centers can leverage usage-based or capacity-based pricing for Canada, USA and International Toll Free, Local inbound and outbound services. Crystal clear voice quality, fully managed network, failover routing, SIP Header customization and managed Media Edges are just some of the services we offer as a part of our solution.

No Work on Your End,
We’ll Take It From Here!

Managing and deploying SIP integrations is costly, complex and time consuming. The number of platforms, carriers and types of SIP Endpoints, each with its own unique requirements, make even basic SIP interconnection a challenge. It is even more difficult to get the full value out of SIP by leveraging User-to-User headers to pass CTI information between systems (telematics, account information, geolocation, user data, etc.)

BYOC SIP Connector, by Star Telecom, is a managed integration solution for Genesys Cloud CX.

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Highlights Include:

Network Design

Encrypted TLS/SRTP traffic into Genesys Cloud CX

AWS Direct Connect links for SIP services to GC (security, quality, reliability, redundancy)

100% SIP Logging for 90+ Days

QoS tagging for each call (MoS, Latency, Jitter, Packet Loss)

Ability to record calls at network level

Monitoring and Alerting of network KPIs (Latency, Jitter, Packet Loss)

Multi-carrier Toll Free Failover

Multi-carrier Local Number services

DRP Routing around Genesys Cloud CX

Capacity Groups / Limiting

SIP Header Manipulation (for CTI)

STIR-SHAKEN Provider Registered with Secure Token Governance Authority

USA VoIP911 BYOC Compliance for Ray Baum’s act

Service Delivery

100% Service Level Target

24x7x365 support via email, voice and ticket

10-minute response time

Tier 1 Support staffed by SIP Engineers

Direct access to telecom expertise (SIP, CNAM, Toll Free, STIR/SHAKEN, SMS)

Processes to manage telecom activities and mitigate risks (porting, testing)

Collaborative and transparent troubleshooting with client and 3rd party vendors; “above and beyond” typical carrier support

Access to beta features on Genesys (Global Media Fabric, Media Streaming API, others)

Proactive notifications on Call Failures, Fraud Alerts

Star Telecom “owns” carrier troubleshooting

1 business day or faster turnaround for new TFN/DID orders

1 business day RCA target

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