Small Transportation Company

60 Agents
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    Original Systems

    • CC Pro contact center solution (ControlMaxx / Intrado)
    • Two separate phone systems
      • CS Private: Control Max: Generic call tree flow (with round-robin queue)
      • CS Public: Mitel and Tel Expert: Skill-based routing / intelligent routing
    • CRM: Oracle (ERP+CRM)
    • Channels used: Voice for now
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    Business Challenges

    • Experiencing voice outages and long response times for telecom support, ultimately negatively affecting CX
    • Lack of detailed reporting capabilities for agents to identify their strengths and weaknesses
    • Lack of in-depth contact center reporting and unable to identify problem areas
    • No system in place to provide very little to no wait time for VIP customers
    • Lack of visibility into agent schedule adherence (breaks, online statuses, etc.)
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    Current Systems

    • Genesys Cloud CX (GC1)
    • Star Telecom Telco
    • CRM integration (OOB)
    • Single sign-on, SCIM Synch setup
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    • Quality & reliable telecom services with 100% Uptime
    • Fast 24x7 phone, email, or ticket support
    • Highly efficient IVR with multiple routing options, while maintaining VIP routing for important clients
    • Improving EX & CX with real-time, detailed agent reporting with multiple exporting capabilities
    • Detailed agent status reporting
    • Identifying weaknesses & improving CC operations with comprehensive and best-in-class real-time contact center reporting
    • Queue roller setup for VIP callers that allows for very little to no wait time
    • Logout dispositions now allow for accurate reporting of agent break time and status adherence

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