Large Utilities Company

300 Agents
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    Original Systems

    • Traditional PBX
    • Hard phone physical devices
    • Lack of call recording capabilities
    • Quality management was disparate from the technology stack, managed through Excel
    • Difficult to maintain and premise-based
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    Business Challenges

    • Little to no real-time reporting capabilities
    • No historical reporting data analytics
    • PBX approach to call center operations (ring groups) versus call center optimization (queues/skills/regional and intra-regional routing)
    • Ability to manage a geographically diverse call center operation (7 regional locations, 50+ business units) in a single comprehensive platform
    • Lack of IVR for routing efficiencies
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    Current Systems

    • Genesys Cloud CX
      • Enhanced call routing
      • Speech recognition
      • Quality Management
      • Data analytics
    • Star Telecom Telecom Services
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    • View into both real-time and historical customer demand trends, and can adjust operations as needed
    • Singular platform across all physical locations, quickly scalable
    • Enhanced IVR capabilities to get the customer to the right operating center (agent group) the first time
    • Improved FCR & decreased transfer rates by > 50%
    • Integrated quality management platform for coaching

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