Large Insurance Company

101 Agents
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    Original Systems

    • Avaya IP Office
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    Business Challenges

    • Managing queues took up time and resources by utilizing in-house experts
    • Long response times from IT
    • Legacy platform with poor support
    • Limited customer engagement methods (email, phone)
    • Long response times from agents in regards to claims due to limited channels and lack of self-service options
    • Lack of constant improvement due to limited visibility on agent and management performance
    • Inability to support remote agents
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    Current Systems

    • Genesys Cloud CX
    • Telecom Services by Star Telecom
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    • Responsive professional services
    • Committed timelines for change requests
    • Dedicated circuit for improved reliability
    • Enhanced customer experience by providing more channels and offering more personalized experiences with customer history/context per interaction
    • Implemented WhatsApp as an additional channel
    • Increased visibility of contact center performance and management of workforce along with new KPIs identified for constant improvement
    • Quicker response times due to fewer queues and on-demand queue management
    • Remote agents are now supported and new ability to scale up or down on demand - no expertise needed

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