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    Zero Network Outages

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Company Brief

Acendas Travel is a Corporate Travel Management services provider serving 71 different industries and holding a 98.2% client retention rate. Acendas Travel manages the entire process of corporate travel such as hotel bookings, car rentals, flights and more while maintaining its core focuses to maximize efficiencies, save on costs for organizations and build long-lasting relationships. Acendas Travel is part of a group of companies owned by BCD Travel, a large multinational business travel organization.

The Challenge

Prior to switching to Star Telecom BYOC SIP for Genesys Cloud CX, Acendas Travel was using Genesys Cloud Voice, which is a bundled voice service provided by Genesys. Like many CCaaS providers, Genesys utilizes 3rd party carriers and does not have front line ability to affect telecom concerns directly. As a result, Acendas Travel experienced the following issues which materially impacted its contact center operations

  1. Difficulty in engaging the support team for questions, troubleshooting and requests for new numbers
  2. A series of incidents, including outages and quality impairment issues, that negatively impacted Acendas Travel’s contact center operations and drove up costs
  3. Tier 1 Support with no expertise in how to troubleshoot and respond to SIP queries
  4. Bills that were too high

The Solution

Star Telecom provides Genesys approved BYOC SIP trunking services for Acendas Travel’s Genesys Cloud CX environment:

A Service Design which Maximizes Telecom Services SLAs

Our service design includes numerous features to ensure crystal clear voice quality, such as an AWS Direct Connect connection to Genesys Cloud Voice. At the same time it delivers maximum resiliency through features such as toll free multi-carrier failover, geo-redundancy, DRP routing and multi-carrier local number services

A Service Team That Responds Rapidly and Effectively

Caring for our clients is at the heart of everything we do, which is reflected in our 100% CSAT score. Star Telecom’s support team provides a 10-minute response time, 24x7, with Tier 1 access to SIP engineers and direct support from top telecom experts (SIP, CNAM, Toll Free, STIR/SHAKEN, SMS). They are also highly skilled with Genesys Cloud CX. Core to our service team’s approach is deep collaboration and transparent troubleshooting with each client, our telecom partners and, when required, Genesys Tech Support.

Lower Monthly Bills

Star Telecom’s US toll free, local inbound and long distance prices include taxes and duties, which results in significantly lower monthly bills as compared to Genesys Cloud Voice.

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At a glance

Customer Name Acendas Travel
Industry Travel
Location United States
Company Size Part of BCD Travel with 13,000 employees
Contact Center Genesys Cloud CX Genesys Cloud Voice
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  1. Outages and quality impairment
  2. Tier 1 support with no SIP expertise
  3. Difficulting in engaging support resources
  4. Negative impact on operations costs
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  1. Star Telecom’s Genesys- approved BYOC SIP trunking services

Conclusion Section


Star Telecom’s SIP trunking solution stands out for its ability to deliver superior telecom services and response SLAs, while significantly reducing costs

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Let’s find out more about your business needs, and our experts will build you a solution.

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