Local and Toll Free Number from countries beyond Canada and USA



Ability to scale rapidly to accommodate call volume



Geo-redundant architecture to ensure call delivery



Reduce costs by 35% -65%

Enhance your contact center.

Star Telecom has been providing SIP Trunking services since 2008. Our SIP Trunking service is designed with mission critical telecommunications in mind. This is why Star Telecom is the provider of choice for contact center outsourcers, hydro utilities and other organization that require scalability, flexibility and true SIP expertise to ensure reliability and call quality



Along with SIP Trunking services for USA and Canada, Star Telecom provides international Local and Toll Free numbers from over 60 countries around the globe. International SIP Trunking services can be ramped up just as quickly and flexibly as our USA/Canada SIP Trunks. Whether you are servicing customers from the UK, New Zealand, France or Brazil, Star Telecom makes it easy to obtain a local (geographic) or national Toll Free number and receive calls via SIP or TDM.



  • Local and Toll free numbers from over 60 countries
  • Caller ID Name and Number
  • Web-based management and reporting portal
  • Real-time failover to up to 3 backup destinations (including PSTN)
  • Smart Routing (Percentage based, Time of Day, Overflow)
  • Reporting
Optional Services

Optional Services

  • Call Recording
  • Network Queueing
  • Courtesy/Overflow messaging
  • Conferencing
  • IVR / Self Service
  • Voice Infrastructure Load Testing
  • Text Messaging / SMS


  • Reduced Telecommunications Costs
  • Improved Reliability
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Improved Scalability
  • Improved Burstability

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Data Connectivity

Data Connectivity

  • Star Telecom is truly carrier agnostic when it comes to data connectivity
  • We will use your existing MPLS or any dedicated connection to deliver our SIP Trunking
  • We are located at 151 Front Street in Toronto, making it easy to connect


  • Star Telecom service is certified by Avaya and works with all SIP-enabled telephony platforms
  • Star Telecom can provide managed Session Border Controllers (SBCs)
  • Star Telecom can provide TDM-to-SIP gateway to SIP-enable legacy equipment


  • Ability to ramp up and down to accommodate seasonal call patterns
  • Ability to use smart routing to allocate call volume to additional resources
  • Leverage Network Queuing functionality to have Star Telecom queue calls


  • Geo-redundant infrastructure with multiple data centers in High Availability configuration
  • Ability to re-route calls on failure, to multiple client endpoints
Monitoring and Alerting

Monitoring and Alerting

  • Real time monitoring and alerting of quality and uptime of data connections
  • Real time monitoring and alerting of customer premise equipment for SIP responsiveness
  • Real time monitoring and alerting of call failures and inability to deliver call to customer

International Toll Free services

  • Argentina Toll Free
  • Australia Toll Free
  • Austria Toll Free
  • Bahrain Toll Free
  • Belgium Toll Free
  • Brazil Toll Free
  • Canada Toll Free
  • China Toll Free
  • Colombia Toll Free
  • Croatia Toll Free
  • Cyprus Toll Free
  • Czech Republic Toll Free
  • Denmark Toll Free
  • Dominican Republic Toll Free
  • Finland Toll Free
  • France Toll Free
  • Germany Toll Free
  • Greece Toll Free
  • Hungary Toll Free
  • India Toll Free
  • Ireland Toll Free
  • Israel Toll Free
  • Italy Toll Free
  • Japan Toll Free
  • Lithuania Toll Free
  • Luxembourg Toll Free
  • Mexico Toll Free
  • Netherlands Toll Free
  • New Zealand Toll Free
  • Norway Toll Free
  • Panama Toll Free
  • Peru Toll Free
  • Philippines Toll Free
  • Portugal Toll Free
  • Puerto Rico Toll Free
  • Slovakia Toll Free
  • Slovenia Toll Free
  • South Korea Toll Free
  • Spain Toll Free
  • Sweden Toll Free
  • Switzerland Toll Free
  • Turkey Toll Free
  • United Arab Emirates Toll Free
  • United Kingdom Toll Free
  • United States Toll Free
  • Venezuela Toll Free
  • Virgin Islands (u.s.) Toll Free

International Local Numbers

  • Argentina Local DID Number
  • Australia Local DID Number
  • Austria Local DID Number
  • Bahrain Local DID Number
  • Belgium Local DID Number
  • Brazil Local DID Number
  • Bulgaria Local DID Number
  • Canada Local DID Number
  • Chile Local DID Number
  • Colombia Local DID Number
  • Croatia Local DID Number
  • Cyprus Local DID Number
  • Czech Republic Local DID Number
  • Denmark Local DID Number
  • Dominican Republic Local DID Number
  • El Salvador Local DID Number
  • Estonia Local DID Number
  • Finland Local DID Number
  • France Local DID Number
  • Georgia Local DID Number
  • Germany Local DID Number
  • Greece Local DID Number
  • Hong Kong Local DID Number
  • Hungary Local DID Number
  • Ireland Local DID Number
  • Israel Local DID Number
  • Italy Local DID Number
  • Japan Local DID Number
  • Latvia Local DID Number
  • Lithuania Local DID Number
  • Luxembourg Local DID Number
  • Malaysia Local DID Number
  • Malta Local DID Number
  • Mexico Local DID Number
  • Netherlands Local DID Number
  • New Zealand Local DID Number
  • Norway Local DID Number
  • Panama Local DID Number
  • Peru Local DID Number
  • Poland Local DID Number
  • Portugal Local DID Number
  • Puerto Rico Local DID Number
  • Romania Local DID Number
  • Singapore Local DID Number
  • Slovakia Local DID Number
  • Slovenia Local DID Number
  • South Africa Local DID Number
  • South Korea Local DID Number
  • Spain Local DID Number
  • Sweden Local DID Number
  • Switzerland Local DID Number
  • Turkey Local DID Number
  • United Arab Emirates Local DID Number
  • United Kingdom Local DID Number
  • United States Local DID Number

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