Genesys PureCloud

Genesys PureCloud

All-in-One Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center & Communications Solution Delivered and Supported by Star Telecom



Pure Cloud is a true omnichannel solution in 1 platform



Businesses have seen 570% ROI in 3 years



Easily scale without going to IT, or worse, a third party partner

Genesys PureCloud Contact Center Platform for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

The Genesys PureCloud Contact Center Platform is a true omnichannel (web chat, email, text, voice) contact center solution suitable for small to mid-sized businesses. It’s critical to meet your customers where they are. Master the new era of multichannel touchpoints and deliver the consistent and personalized experiences that customers expect. Having easy access to relevant data means you can effectively manage your call center performance & and target new KPI’s. The Genesys platform was designed so business users can add on & off-site agents, adjust work schedules, and even modify IVR settings on the fly without the need for IT getting involved. The cloud contact centre market is expected to grow from 6.4 billion UD in 2017 to 24.1 billion USD in 2023, a CAGR of 25%! Join the Cloud Contact Centre evolution to provide better customer experiences today.

Genesys PureCloud Cloud Based Contact Centre

Improve Customer Interactions – the Star Telecom Team Makes PureCloud Even Better

With more than two decades of experience in designing, developing and managing hosted and cloud-based contact center solutions, Star Telecom is the best choice for migrating your contact center onto Genesys PureCloud. With full-service capabilities including managed SIP Trunking, SMS, 24x7 Support and Development and Training, Star Telecom will reduce your learning curve with PureCloud and continue to support your organization.

The PureCloud platform was built from the ground up as an omni-channel call center. It delivers a single interface for all customer interactions, integrates with dozens of other customer-facing applications and does so simply and cleanly. Communicate with customers, collaborate internally, consolidate technologies and drive your business forward.

Give your Customers Options

Positive customer experiences don’t stop at short hold times on the phone anymore. Customers now expect multiple ways to reach out for support, through web chat, text, phone, email and social media. Customers also want to feel like you know them well, so when they call in, the agent has a full understanding of their previous interactions allowing them to have their issue resolved faster. Offer self service options for your customers to make payments or account changes without having to wait for an agent. Save your agent’s time to handle more complex issues, and allow them to handle interactions faster with more detail. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of Genesys PureCloud, a true Omnichannel Cloud Contact Centre.



  • Web Chat, Email, Text, Voice in One Platform
  • Call Center Analytics & Insights
  • Automate Call Routing
  • CRM Integration
  • Automate Outbound Communications Through Multiple Channels
  • Business Automation / Workforce Management
  • Virtual Agents
  • Security that Meets and Exceeds Industry Standards
  • Self Service for Your Customers
Genesys PureCloud Benefits

Genesys PureCloud Benefits

  • Provide High Quality Customer Service
  • Increase Your Contact Center Productivity by 25%
  • Reduce Transfers by 35%
  • Cut Average Call Handle Time by 40 Seconds
  • Gain Insights Into Your Operations & Identify KPI’s
  • Scale for a Growing Operation Without the need for an IT Department or Third Party Resource
Star Telecom Benefits

Star Telecom Benefits

  • Designed, Deployed and Supported by Star Telecom
  • Managed SIP Services
  • 24x7 Voice, Email, Ticket Technical Support
  • 24x7 Professional Services Resources
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Local Support in the Greater Toronto Area

The best PureCloud® contact center platform for your business

PureCloud 1

Solve customer problems faster.

$83.00 CAD
per agent per month*
(billed annually)

Minutes sold separately.

PureCloud 2

More channels, more success.

$121.00 CAD
per agent per month*
(billed annually)

Minutes sold separately.

PureCloud 3

Unlimited channel surfing.

$154.00 CAD
per agent per month*
(billed annually)

Minutes sold separately.

With different platform packages, you can choose the best option for your company.

PureCloud Communicate pricing

Your phone has big dreams.

$11.00 CAD
per user per month*
(billed annually)

Minutes sold separately.

Flexible voice options

Take business communications entirely to the cloud with
pay per minute PureCloud Voice services.

Or, keep your existing carrier contract and
manage your own voice cost.

Compare Plans


PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
ACD Voicemail Routing
Bullseye Routing
Callback Objects (IVR & Web)
Customer Journey
External Contacts
In-Queue Audio Configuration
In-Queue Call Flows
Messaging Inbound
Priority FIFO Routing
Response Management
SMS Inbound
Skills-based Routing
Social Media (Twitter)
Voice Co-browse
Voice Screen Share
Web Chat
Web Chat Co-browse
Web Chat Screen Share
Wrap-up Codes
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
ASR-Supported Languages
Audio Debug a Call Flow
Dependency Tracking
Drag & Drop Auto-Attendant
Email Flows
Graphical Task Editor
Inbound Call Flows
Integrated Prompt Management
Integrated Speech Enablement
Native Versioning
Outbound Call Flows
Printing a Call Flow
Real-time Error Tracking
Robust Expression Editing
Secure IVR
TTS-Supported Languages
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
Adv. Record Processing Rules
Agentless/Auto Messaging
Answering Machine Detection
Contact List Management
Contact List Rest API
Data Export
Inbound/Outbound Blending
Outbound Reports
Power Dialing
Predictive Dialing
Preview Dialing
Priority Preview Dialing
Progressive Dialing
Scheduled Callbacks
Wrap-up Codes
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
Abandon Rate Configuration
Caller ID Control
Campaign Sequences
Filtering for Call Lists
Multi-level Caller ID Settings
Progress View
Outlook-style Schedule View
Callable Times
Dynamic Do Not Call Lists
Multiple DNC Lists Per Campaign
Online Integration
Pacing Control and Overrides
Time Zone Mapping
Time Zone Support
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
Ability to Customize Script
Complex Variable Types
Default Script
Import/Export Scripts
Inbound Call Support
Outbound Call Support
Pre-packaged Validations
Script Errors Panel
URL Screen Pop
Version Control
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
Historic Schedule Adherence
Intraday Monitoring
Load-based Schedule Generation
Manual Schedule Creation
Real-time Schedule Adherence
Short-term Forecasting
Time Off Requests
Verint Integration
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
100% Email Recording
100% Encryption
100% Voice Recording
100% Web Chat Recording
Dual-channel Call Recording
Evaluation Audit Trail
Flexible Search with Facets
Long-term Cloud Storage
Permission-based Playback
Policy-based Retention
Recording Audit Trail
Screen Recordings
Secure Pause
Single-channel Call Recording
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
Recordings & Evaluation Scores
Calibration Process
Evaluation Assignment
Evaluation Form Designer
Evaluation Workflows
Faceted Evaluation Search
Multiple Question Types
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
Speech-to-Text Transcription
*via third-party integration
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
Agent Activation
Listen (Monitoring)
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
Flexible API Access
Contact Center Dashboard
Interactions Details Views
Queues Activity Real-time Views
Performance Views
Agent Availability Report
Interaction Details Report
Queue Metrics Report
Scheduled Reports
Wrap-up Codes Report
Performance iPad App
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
Microsoft Dynamics
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
Call Logging
Embedded PureCloud UI
Screen Pops
*$15 USD add-on per agent
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
Embedded PureCloud UI
Screen Pops
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
Make Call from Context Menu
Embedded PureCloud UI
Screen Pops
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
Prospect Conversion
*$110 USD add-on per user
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
Active Directory
Microsoft Exchange
SQL Database
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
Chat Integration
*5 USD add-on per user
PureCloud 1 PureCloud 2 PureCloud 3
HIPAA Compliance
PCI DSS - Secure IVR
PCI DSS - Secure Pause
Collaborate Communicate
Audio Conferencing
Call Recording
Cloud IP PBX
Desktop Sharing
File Sharing
Group Ring, Hunt Groups
Inbound & Outbound Faxing
Native mobile application
Unified Inbox
Video Calling - peer-to-peer
Video Calling - multi-user
WebRTC Softphone

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